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IMPORTANT: PulseWiki is no longer updated. Information here migh be outdated. Information about the Pulse System is now published on AlphaWiki:

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The Pulse System is an IP-based intercom system for up to 16 intercom stations.

The system works with all VINGTOR-STENTOFON IP intercom stations. In addition, it is possible to extend the system with up to 10 third party SIP terminals and up to 4 SIP gateways.

Multiple Pulse systems can be interconnected using Pulse Trunking. One Pulse system can be connected to up to 50 other Pulse systems.

What's new

Release of Vingtor-Stentofon Intercom Suite (VSIS)

VSIS is an intercom solution software product package. The package includes:

  • Turbine firmware: New firmware for Turbine generation of intercom devices: TCIS-x, TKIS-2, TMIS-x, TFIE-x, TKIE-x, TFIX-x, TCIV-x, ECPIR-3P and Exigo IP speakers. Includes many new features, bugfixes and improvements.
  • INCA firmware: New firmware for all INCA SoC based Intercom stations including devices: IP Desktop Master Station, IP Substation, IP Vandal Resistant Station and IP Dual Display Station. Includes many new features, bugfixes and improvements.
  • SDK for Pulse: A new SDK for Pulse system that includes software libraries (APIs) for C# and Java
  • VS-IMT: A new Intercom Management Tool PC application for discovering, upgrading and configuring intercom devices.
  • VS-Client: A new Vingtor-Stentofon Pulse intercom client for PC with modern UI and some advanced call features.

Turbine firmware

Some new features:

For a complete list of bug fixes and functional changes and enhancements, see Turbine stations - Release Notes

INCA IP Station software

Some new features:

For a complete list of bug fixes and functional changes and enhancements, see INCA IP Stations - Release Notes


Directory Settings2.PNG
The Pulse System provides a smart and simple web based interface that substantially reduces installation time. No special programming tools are required. Basic installation can be completed in a short time. All you have to do is activate the management software for the chosen master station and configure the stations’ directory numbers and names. The system does not require a central server, just connect the IP stations to your IP network and they are automatically discovered by the Pulse Server.


Pulse is an All to All Intercom System, allowing for Master Intercom Stations to communicate between one another, perfect for Clean Rooms in e.g. hospitals, Offices and Warehouses. Pulse also supports Door and Gate calls from Substations, with intercom door opening available from the on-board relays. Most importantly is the ability to interoperate with external 3rd party equipment such as SIP phones and trunks, allowing calls from Pulse substations to be answered from off-site.

Getting started

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